Vespucci Cavesons - Dressage

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Vespucci Plain Raised Caveson with crank

All Vespucci bridle parts are special order.  Horse and Cob sizes available.

$158.00  Our price: $143.00

Vespucci Double Raised Weymouth Caveson (crank)

$136.00  Our Price: $123.00

Vespucci Double Raised Snaffle Caveson (crank with flash)

$166.00 Our Price: $149.00

Traditional Caveson horse size only

$136.00  Our Price: $123.00

Traditional Caveson for Weymouth horse size only

$150.00  Our Price: $135.00

Flash (replacement) strap only (one size)

$34.00  Our Price: $31.00