Myler Dee Bit-89-21435

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Stainless Steel Dee without Hooks with Stainless Steel Low Ported Barrel Narrow (MB 43LP) Copper Inlay Mouth

89-21435 - 5"

Myler Stainless Steel 3 3/4" Dee, MB 43LP Narrow Low Ported Barrel, Level 2-3

The MB 43LP does not rotate on to the tongue, but instead sits solidly across the bars and lips of the horse’s mouth. The port is narrower than a Level 3 mouthpiece, but still offers room for the horse’s tongue to pass under the bit. Because the port is narrow, when the reins are engaged, the horse will feel a slight pressure on the outside edges of the tongue — a gentle reminder rather than a strong reprimand. The port on this mouthpiece is only 1 ¼" high, so it will apply little to no palate pressure. It is the mildest of the Level 2-3 mouthpieces in terms of tongue pressure, just one step below a Level 3 mouthpiece.

  • Independent Side Movement
  • Stainless Steel mouthpiece
  • Curved Mouthpiece does not pinch lips and bars
  • Copper Inlay

Notes: For more tongue pressure, see the MB 27LP or MB 27PB. For the correctional version of this mouthpiece, see the MB 41PB. For more tongue relief and Level 3 version of this bit, see the MB 33.

The dee without hooks is a traditional "D" shaped cheek with fixed attachment of the mouthpiece. This style keeps the mouthpiece from draping on the tongue, providing a more direct signal than the loose ring. The straight side of the dee will not pull through the mouth and does not pinch.

Size: 3 ¾" Dee

Action: Direct

Notes: For a more versatile version of the cheek piece, see the English dee with hooks or the eggbutt with hooks.

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