M. Toulouse Ariel Hybrid Genesis

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M. Toulouse Ariel Genesis

Soft, supple pull up or wet pull (bridle leather that has been pre-oiled) combined with doubled leather breaks in immediately and with proper cleaning and conditioning will remain "sticky" for the life of the saddle.  Wool flocked "STP" (soft touch) panels have a layer of soft foam next to the horse (between the tree and the panel leather) so the panel system will always remain soft and comfortable for the horse.  Cut out at the scapula for extra shoulder rotation.  2 point billet positions and "V" billet system allow you to position your billets as needed.  High thigh block supports without restricting the riders leg position.  Hybrid model saddles all have the Genesis adjustable tree.

Seat sizes: 16.5" through 18.5"

Genesis tree models in all seat sizes

Before you purchase your new saddle be sure to ask us:  Will this saddle fit my horse?  Will this saddle fit me?  Email us a nice side shot of your horse and ask us based on the length of your thigh or base of support, will this saddle fit me?  Our knowledgeable sales staff is here to make sure you are getting the correct saddle.

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