Fine Quilted Cotton Dressage Pad

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Quilted 100% cotton dressage pads 

#55009 -  24"x 21"x 25"     $39.95   

#55009S - 22"x 19" x 23"  $39.95    White/white, White/black, Black/black, Black/white

#55009X - 26" x 23"x 27"  $49.95    White/white, White/black, Black/black, Black/white

Is the pad I choose available in the colors I want? Please e-mail us with your style and color choices, we will be happy to check for you. We have listed the most popular colors.  If you want something different than what is listed please email us:

White: w/white,black,hunter,navy,royal,red,purple,sea blue,lime, magenta
Black: w/white,black,hunter,burgundy,gray,teal,purple,sea blue,lime,yellow,
orange, magenta
Blush: w/black
Beige: w/black
Burgundy: w/black, hunter, navy, gray
Brown: w/burgundy, hunter
Cherry: w/black
Chocolate: w/chocolate, gray, pink, smoke
Coast Blue: w/burgundy, navy, pink
Cream: w/ black
Gray: w/ burgundy, black
Hunter: w/black, burgundy, navy, white, brown
Ivy: w/black, ivy, pink
Kelly: w/black
Lavender: w/black
Lemon: w/black
Magenta: w/black
Mint: w/black
Mustard: w/black
Navy: w/ hunter, yellow, burgundy, white, pink, sea blue, smoke
Olive: w/ navy
Orange: w/black
Lime: w/black
Peach: w/black
Pink: w/black, purple Sea blue
Pumpkin: w/black
Purple: w/black, pink
Red: w/black, white
Rose: w/ gray, navy
Royal: w/black, white
Rust: w/black
Salmon: w/black
Sea Blue: w/black, pink
Sky Blue: w/black
Smoke: w/burgundy, navy
Stone Blue w/navy
Tan: w/navy
Teal: w/black
Pine: w/black