Double back dressage pad

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Double back dressage pad

With extra fleece padding under the saddles panels.  An excellent pad for the horse who requires a wide tree width but needs a little extra room at the withers.     

#55039-25"x21"x26"        $63.95 

#550139X-26"x23"x27"    $69.95 

White: w/white or black
Black: w/white or black
Burgundy: w/black, hunter or navy
Chocolate: w/black or gray
Coast Blue: w/black or navy
Cream: w/ navy
Gray: w/ navy
Hunter: w/black, burgundy or navy
Ivy: w/black
Lemon: w/black
Mustard: w/black
Navy: w/ hunter
Olive: w/ navy or hunter
Orange: w/black
Lime: w/black
Pink: w/black
Purple: w/black
Red: w/black
Royal: w/black
Salmon: w/black
Sea Blue: w/black
Smoke: w/burgundy or navy
Stone Blue: w/navy
Tan: w/navy
Teal: w/black
Pine: w/burgundy
Blush: w/black
Sky: w/black
Mint: w/black
Lavender: w/black