Classic Dressage Revolving Weymouth Set

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Dressage Revolving Weymouth Set
German Silver mouth piece enhances salivation and softness, 14 mm curb with 12 mm low wide port revolves which is ergonomically more comfortable for the horse, stainless steel rings and shanks match nickel buckle bridles.  Overall shank length 5", 1.75" from cheek ring to top of mouth piece and 2.5" from bottom of mouth piece to bottom of rein ring.  14 mm bradoon with half moon link is curved for additional comfort.  Compare this set to sets costing 3 times the price.
5" curb/5 1/4" bradoon
5 1/4" curb/5 1/2" bradoon
5 1/2" curb/5 3/4" bradoon
5 3/4" curb/6" bradoon

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Our Price: $99.95