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Customize a saddle just for you and fit every horse you will ever ride.  Does your saddle have these features?                    

An adjustable tree?
Tested in Canada by BioKinetics (this system withstood 1700 lbs), the new Genesis adjustable mechanism will fit any horse from the narrowest to the widest and is infinitesimally adjustable. (Broad backed horses with high withers and insufficient muscle tone to support a saddle may temporarily need a cushion, 1/2 pad or gel pad until such time as the horse matures and develops.)
Short flexible points?
Will not interfere with the horse's shoulder movement.
Point billet?
Keeps the saddle behind the shoulder movement. (Horses whose girth area is set ahead of the point of the shoulder may need a girth that will not slip forward and pull the saddle onto the point of the horse's shoulder.)
Ergonomically shaped leg support?
Wider at the top and tapered to the knee shaped to support all body types and leg lengths.
Broad based wool stuffed panel system?
Classic saddles feature  wool stuffed panels that can be custom stuffed to fit difficult horses and conform to your horse and provide comfortable fit.
Wide gullet and open pommel?
The horse's spine has been likened to that of a fish swimming and a wide gullet will not impinge on that movement. The open pommel will not pinch those muscles necessary to lift the base of the neck in dressage and over a fence.
A Flap Length of your choice?
Need an 18" seat with a 16" flap and a 17" seat with a 19" flap? Any combination necessary is available special order to fit your body type.
Your choice of leather?
Choose from European, Swiss and French  leathers.   Buffalo, doubled leather, bridle leather and calf.                                                                                                                                                Did you know?                                                                                                  Unlike many other saddle brands, every single Classic Saddle style is built on a totally different tree?  The rise from seat bones to pubic bone in a dressage saddle is what supports the rider's upper body, which in turn, allows the leg to hang in a comfortable and effective position.  The rise from seat bones to pubic bone in each Classic Saddle is different.  The Vivian rises modestly from seat bones to pubic bone and is the most versatile of all our dressage saddles (most riders find this a very comfortable saddle).  The Vega rises slightly quicker and Select is suited for the rider with a tilted pelvic floor (if you are a rider who finds most dressage saddles "wide" in the twist one of these saddles may work well for you).

Free re-flocking for the first year of ownership?  Customer responsible for freight only.                                                                                                        

Base Price: Bridle leather $1095.00

Buffalo or doubled leather....$100.00
Genesis adjustable tree....................................................$ 500.00
Adjustable stirrup bars................................$100.00
Custom flap lenght....$100.00

The above features are available in many different tree styles to fit you and the horse with comfort.

Confused about tree width?  Click here!

What is my "pelvic floor" and why is this important?   Click here!




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