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Classic Saddlery Ltd.

492 N. 33rd St., P.O. Box 492

Galesburg, MI  49053

To Place An Order: 1-800-428-6080

To Fax An Order: 1-800-428-6081

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We are your complete repair facility!
Knowledgeable saddle fitting explained in easy to understand language
Expert saddle stuffing
New billets/Point billets
Customized bridle-work
        Add or subtract knee rolls & thigh blocks        
Broken reins, cheek pieces, leather leads and halters
We do it all!


for your next repair

Quick * Dependable * Reasonable * Quality work

Notice to Owners of Rembrandt Saddles with
the "Wellup" adjustable mechanism

Classic Saddlery Ltd. is the authorized repair facility for all Rembrandt Saddles with the "Wellup" adjustable mechanism.

Effective 1/1/2001, saddles with "Wellup" mechanisms will be beyond their three (3) year warrantee and repaired at cost: $500.00 for the new AVB mechanism plus $100.00 for labor.

All Classic Saddles have the new AVB adjustable mechanism and carry a full five (5) year warrantee.