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Galesburg, MI  49053

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Classics Hunter/Jumper Jackets

Quality, cut, fit and fashion at it's finest.  A wide variety of fabrics, prices and colors for the most discriminating rider.  Available in Ladies sizes: 0-16 in short, regular and long lengths. Women: 5'-5'4"=short.  5'4"-5'6"=regular. 5'7" and up=tall.  These are approximate heights, if you are long legged with a shorter upper body purchase appropriately.  You do not want your coat to bunch in back above the waist.  Men's riding jackets are also available special order.  Please call our information line or e-mail us at: Lynnda@classicsaddlery.com for selections and sizes available. Sizes 18-24 are available special order in limited colors and fabrics.

Size 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Bust 32-33 34-35 35-36 36-37 37-38 38-39 39-40 40-42 42-44 44-46 46-48 48-50 50-52
Waist 26-27 27-28 28-29 29-30 30-32 32-33 33-34 34-35 35-36 36-37 37-38 38-39 40-42



5600-Solid Black

5603-Solid Midnight (very dark navy blue)

55% Polyester 45% Worsted Wool

Retail:  $99.95  Sale:    $79.95

5620 Midnight  with very subtle charcoal and taupe pin stripes.

5624 Midnight with a slightly more bold blue and taupe pin stripe.

5627 Sage pin stripe with faint blue and white stripe.

5653 Very dark navy  plaid with very faint brown, blue and grey accents.

5667 French blue plaid with black and grey accents

5669 Grey/white/blue/black plaid with slight beige accent.

5679 Dark Navy plaid with brighter blue accents.

Wool blend

Retail:  $119.95  Sale: $89.95

7330-Dark Charcoal with fine blue and tan stripes

7333 Very Dark Navy with fine blue and burgundy stripes.

7350 Dark French blue plaid with black, lighter blue and cranberry accents.

7351 Brown plaid with black and blue accents.

7352 Tan plaid with brown, cream and blue accents.

7367-Black on Black window pane with fine blue stripe

100% Worsted Wool

Retail:  $199.95 Sale:    $159.95


7400 Solid black Cool competition stretch.

7453-Dark Navy window pane with burgundy and tan accents

7450 Olive brown plaid with orange, black and blue accents.

7451 Lighter blue/grey plaid with pink, beige and blue accents.

7452 Blue/black plaid with royal blue and cranberry accents.

7453 Very dark navy small windowpane with grey and cranberry accents.

7455-Black on black plaid with beige and teal accents

7459-Medium brown plaid with beige, taupe and black accents

7460-Medium olive plaid with beige, taupe and black accents

7463-French navy plaid with dark navy, blue and and burgundy accents

7464-Medium blue/gray/olive plaid with hints of darker blue, ruse, taupe and black.

7465-Dark charcoal grey with navy, blue and purple accents

100% Fine Worsted Wool

Retail: $279.95   Sale:    $229.95

7521 Very dark navy pin stripe with cranberry and blue stripes.

7550 Light tan plaid with cream/sage and turquoise accents.

7554 Charcoal brown small window pane with lavender and dark teal accents

7556 Black large window pane with narrow white and blue accents.

7563 Medium to light French blue plaid with accents of black, darker blue and beige.

7565-Medium to Light French Blue plaid with hints of beige, blue and purple

7567-Medium to Light Beige plaid with taupe and aqua accents

7570-Navy plaid with taupe and brown accents

7572-Dark brown plaid with navy accents

7575 Dark Navy plaid with brown and rust accents

100% Italian Worsted Wool

Retail:  $339.95     Sale:    $279.95


7721-Medium gray with taupe and purple/blue stripes

7722 Very light grey herringbone pin with black and aubergine accents.

7723-Very dark navy with broken stripes of blue

7725 Taupe with mauve, rose and cream stripes

7726 Light Sage pin with light beige and lavender accents

7728-Taupe with cream and light blue stripes

7750-Light beige plaid with taupe and lilac accents

7751-Medium soft gray plaid with pale pink accents

7752-French blue plaid (closer to teal) with darker teal and beige accents

7753 Soft medium grey with lighter grey and turquoise accents.

7754 Dark charcoal gray plaid with dark mauve and lighter grey accents.

7755 Brown plaid with taupe/cream and teal blue accents

7770 Black stretch

7773-Dark navy window pane tone on tone

100% Finest Italian Worsted Wool

Retail:  $409.95   Sale:    $339.95